Book Club
The goal of this club is to expand our horizons in science beyond research, as they overlap with societal matters (law, history, art, science, education, etc.). Members of book club meet once a month to discuss readings, and possibly how to become more involved in SEPSACS. Due to COVID-19, the meetings will be held online, for the foreseeable future.
The first meeting online (, will be held June 1, 2020 at 6 pm. 
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Attention: "Early-Career" Scientists!

The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists is an annual prize awarded to early-career scientists. The prize is presented in four categories:

• Cell and Molecular Biology


• Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology Approaches


• Ecology and Environment


• Molecular Medicine
















Applicants are to submit a 1000-word essay that is judged by an independent editorial team organized by the journal Science. Essays are judged on the quality of research and the applicants’ ability to articulate how their work would contribute to the scientific field.

As a winner, you will have your essay published by Science, win up to USD 30,000 and be invited to Sweden where you will receive your award, present your research and meet with leading scientists in your field.


Eligible entrants must have been awarded their doctoral degree in 2018 or 2019. The winners from each category will compete for the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will receive 30,000 USD and be published in Science magazine. The three remaining category winners will receive 10,000 USD each and be published in Science online.

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Webinar: "The New Normal"
The coronavirus has had a profound effect on our society. This webinar will entail a Q/A session with a medical professional to understand the lasting effects of COVID-19, the search for a vaccine and effective treatments and what our “new normal” will look like in the months ahead.
Date: TBD 
Time: TBD
Guest Speaker: TBD
Student Spotlight!!
SEPSACS hosted the Chemistry Olympiad 2020 Local Section Exam on April 19th, in an online format.  Fifty students from ten different high schools in Southeastern PA took the test, and the top ten finishers will move on to take the National Chemistry Olympiad Exam (online) on April 26th and May 3rd.
Our top three finishers on the Local Section Exam were:
First Place: Steven Ganescu from Spring Grove High School
Pamela Kimber, chemistry teacher
Second Place: Tehami Ammad from Cumberland Valley High School
John Brenneman, chemistry teacher
Third Place: Amy Wu from Hershey High School
Kimberly Haney, chemistry teacher
(To be eligible for the Chemistry Olympiad 2020 National Level Exam the student must be either a US Citizen or a Green Card holder. No more than two students from any one high school can take the exam.)
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